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Professional Masonry Service - Forest City Brickwork

Brick & Stonework Repairs & Installations in London, Ontario

Build equity and restore the beauty of the brick and stonework at your Ontario home or business with professional masonry services from the experts at Forest City Brickwork.


We specialize in masonry restoration and repair, as well as professional stone construction in London and surrounding communities and are committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our courteous, professional crew provide reliable, cost-effective and timely services that adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Our services include:

Chimney Repairs: We can cut out and replace deteriorated bricks on your chimney, or we can take your chimney down and rebuild it with new materials. We can remove your deteriorated chimney cap and install a new concrete or stone chimney cap.


We install metal animal screens to keep wild life out of your chimney.


We offer waterproofing to keep your bricks from deteriorating.


Repointing: We remove the loose and deteriorated mortar joints in the needed areas by grinding them out approximately 2 inches, washing out the joint and then repointing with new mortar. We can also tint the mortar to match your original colour.


Parging: We remove the loose and deteriorated parging from your home or business, and then apply bonding glue to the foundation and re-parge with new parging mix.


Brick Repair: We can cut out and replace just a couple bricks or several thousand bricks and then re-lay new matching bricks to restore your home or business to its original appearance.


Flagstone: We can install new flagstone and square cut stone over top of most porches and sidewalks or around swimming pools. We also pick up and re-lay flagstone with new aggregates.


Retaining Walls: We can design and install new retaining walls, as well as take apart and relay existing retaining walls. We have access to many types of natural and manufactured stones to suit your needs.


Waterproofing: We can protect and extend the life of your bricks with waterproofing.

Contact Forest City Brickwork today to schedule an estimate at your home or business. Whether your vision includes a grand project or a simple, artful addition our professional team can get the job done right.

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